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Working in a school where personal mobile device use in classrooms is increasing, driven by management through a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiative, I often struggle with slotting effective use of this technology into my existing pedagogical practice, i.e. lack of time for adapting lesson plans, lack of training by senior management, etc.

It was therefore interesting to read a recently released American report of undergraduate students’views on technology use by their teachers and their institutions which found that students want to use technology in their studies but look to teachers and institutions for guidance in doing so. A powerful message highlighting the need for professional development training for teachers. Forward to senior management perhaps?

See the 2013 report for a full list of key messages, findings, and supporting data.

  • Students recognise the value of technology but still need guidance when it comes to better uses for information technology within their academic study programmes.
  • Students prefer blended learning environments while beginning to experiment with MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses, e.g. undergraduate level short courses)
  • Students are ready to use their mobile devices more for academic use, and they look to institutions and instructors for opportunities and encouragement to do so.
  • Students value their privacy, and using technology to connect with them has its limitations.